Consultation Results

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Further information on the handling of the consultation results of the RSK by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) are given in Chapter I. Legal framework - 3. Nuclear rules and regulations - b) Recommendations and statements of the RSK, ESK, SSK (on page 7) of the Manual on cooperation between the Federation and the Länder in atomic law. Click here for the document (in German).

2015-01-14 STATEMENT (available in German only) Section-wide unavailabilities due to electrical coupling between redundant sections of the emergency power system of German nuclear power plants
2014-12-11 STATEMENT of the RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST) (available in German only) Formation and effects of an unborated water plug during steam generator tube rupture
2014-11-06 RECOMMENDATION (available in German only) Guideline for the performance of integrated event analyses
2014-09-04 Joint RECOMMENDATION of the SSK and the RSK (available in German only) Basic recommendations for the planning of emergency control measures by the operators of nuclear power plants
2014-06-26 RECOMMENDATION Faults in one or two phases of the main, standby or emergency grid connection
2014-05-22 STATEMENT (available in German only) The RSK guideline for the implementation of integrated event analyses in comparison with the VGB guideline on the integrated event analysis
2013-11-06 STATEMENT Assessment of the coverage of extreme weather conditions by the existing design
2013-08-29 STATEMENT RSK’s understanding of safety philosophy (published in the Federal Gazette, Official Section, on 05.12.2013, B4)
2013-06-20 STATEMENT (available in German only) Specification of requirements related to the 10-hours self-sufficiency in the event of external man-made hazards (man-made hazard conditions)
2013-04-11 STATEMENT (available in German only) Minimum value of 0.1g (approx. 1.0 m/s²) for the maximum horizontal ground acceleration in an earthquake
2013-04-11 STATEMENT PWR neutron flux oscillations
2013-02-21 STATEMENT (available in German only) Pressure and leak tests of components of the reactor coolant pressure boundary and outer systems, especially after repairs
2013-01-17 STATEMENT (available in German only) Detection of flaws in the reactor pressure vessel of Unit 3 of Belgium's Doel nuclear power plant (Doel-3)
2012-12-13 Joint RECOMMENDATION of the RSK and the SSK (available in German only) Criteria for alerting the disaster control authority by the operators of nuclear facilities
2012-12-13 RECOMMENDATION (available in German only) Grid stability: Impact of stability problems in the German power grid on electrical and I&C installations of nuclear power plants and securing the required electrical power supply for these plants from the grid