Consultation Results

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Further information on the handling of the consultation results of the RSK by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) are given in Chapter I. Legal framework - 3. Nuclear rules and regulations - b) Recommendations and statements of the RSK, ESK, SSK (on page 7) of the Manual on cooperation between the Federation and the Länder in atomic law. Click here for the document (in German).

2008-02-13 STATEMENT (available in German only) Influence of hydrogen on the toughness behaviour of irradiated RPV steels - Advisory request on the final report of project 1501267 of the Leibniz Institutes IFW and FZR Dresden of December 2004
2007-12-11 - 2007-12-12 STATEMENT (available in German only) Licensing procedure for the decommissioning and dismantling of the Obrigheim nuclear power plant

Note: As regards the 2nd decommissioning and dismantling licence for the Obrigheim nuclear power plant (KWO), a statement of the Nuclear Waste Management Commission (ESK) of 09.06.2011 is available.
2007-11-08 STATEMENT (available in German only) Conclusions drawn from damages at the cladding tube of a shut-off heater rod bundle at the Biblis nuclear power plant, Unit B, detected on 03.10.2005
2007-04-12 STATEMENT (available in German only) Application pursuant to Section 6 of the Atomic Energy Act for the construction of the Obrigheim interim storage facility
2006-09-13 STATEMENT (available in German only) Synthesis report issued by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection "Conceptual and safety-related issues regarding the disposal of radioactive wastes – A comparison of different host rocks"
2006-08-10 RECOMMENDATION (available in German only) Impact of advanced core loading on the reactivity behaviour of the reactor core and its reactivity control elements
2006-08-10 STATEMENT (available in German only) Description of the state of knowledge about the influence of gamma radiation on toughness reduction of ferritic materials of reactor pressure vessels during operation
2006-03-09 STATEMENT (available in German only) Defective medium-voltage cables with safety significance at German nuclear power plants on the occasion of Reportable Event ME E 13.1/04 - Brunsbüttel nuclear power plant (KKB) "Failure of the auxiliary power supply with reactor scram" of 23.08.2004
2006-03-09 STATEMENT (available in German only) Radiation damage in rock salt
2005-12-16 STATEMENT (available in German only) Current approach for non-destructive tests performed within the framework of recurrent tests on ferritic-austenitic dissimilar welds (statement on main topic 1 of BMU project SR 2360)
2005-12-15 - 2005-12-16 STATEMENT (available in German only) Control of loss-of-coolants accidents at PWRs under consideration of dead volumes in the containment - safety management aspects
2005-12-15 - 2005-12-16 STATEMENT (available in German only) Proposal for requirements on decommissioning in the nuclear rules and regulations

Note: On 11.11.2010, the ESK recommendation “Guidelines for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities” was published in the Federal Gazette.
2005-11-10 RECOMMENDATION Control of loss-of-coolant accidents at PWRs under consideration of dead volumes in the containment - scientific/technical aspects
2005-10-06 STATEMENT (available in German only) Classification of "VO events" according to the safety levels of the defence-in-depth concept and concept for the redefinition of precautions (Vorsorgemaßnahmen - VM)
2005-09-08 STATEMENT Definition of component failure postulates