Consultation Results

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Further information on the handling of the consultation results of the RSK by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) are given in Chapter I. Legal framework - 3. Nuclear rules and regulations - b) Recommendations and statements of the RSK, ESK, SSK (on page 7) of the Manual on cooperation between the Federation and the Länder in atomic law. Click here for the document (in German).

2005-09-08 STATEMENT (available in German only) Specification by the company Areva/Cogema regarding high-pressure-compacted radioactive waste (CSD-C) from the reprocessing of German LWR fuel elements
2005-09-08 RECOMMENDATION Defence-in-depth concept
2005-07-21 RECOMMENDATION Requirements for LOCA safety analyses
2005-07-07 STATEMENT (available in German only) Switch-off of the main coolant pumps during ATWS events at nuclear power plants with pressurised water reactor
2005-07-07 STATEMENT (available in German only) Eddy current indications at control elements - Reportable events 02/2003 at the Brokdorf nuclear power plant, 02/2004 at the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant, Unit 2, and 08/2004 at the Emsland nuclear power plant
2005-06-02 STATEMENT (available in German only) Licensing procedure for decommissioning and dismantling of the Stade NPP
2005-04-28 STATEMENT (available in German only) BMU project SR 2392 "Use of thermoelements for measuring the temperature of pipe walls in nuclear power plants within the framework of the fatigue analysis" and consideration of the medium influence in fatigue analyses according to the KTA safety standards
2005-02-24 STATEMENT (available in German only) Safety-related aspects of conceptual questions on the final disposal of irradiated fuel elements using canisters emplaced in bore holes
2005-01-27 STATEMENT (available in German only) Project SR 2318 of the BMU "Assessment of the informational value of ultra-sonic and eddy-current examinations of austenitic RPV cladding
2005-01-27 STATEMENT (available in German only) Gases in a repository
2005-01-27 STATEMENT Safety aspects of the use of high burn-up fuel elements under reactivity accident conditions
2004-12-16 STATEMENT (available in German only) Reportable event "Fuel assembly drop during loading of a transport cask" at Biblis NPP, Unit 1, on 06.08.2001
2004-12-16 STATEMENT (available in German only) Expansion of the Gronau uranium enrichment facility
2004-07-22 RECOMMENDATION Management of ageing processes at nuclear power plants
2004-07-22 STATEMENT Requirements for the demonstration of effective emergency core cooling during loss-of-coolant accidents involving the release of insulation material and other substances