Consultation Results

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Further information on the handling of the consultation results of the RSK by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) are given in Chapter I. Legal framework - 3. Nuclear rules and regulations - b) Recommendations and statements of the RSK, ESK, SSK (on page 7) of the Manual on cooperation between the Federation and the Länder in atomic law. Click here for the document (in German).

2002-09-05 STATEMENT (available in German only) Implementation of the RSK recommendation "Safety guidelines for dry interim storage of irradiated fuel assemblies in storage casks" in the BfS draft licence for the Lingen on-site interim storage facility
2002-07-11 STATEMENT (available in German only) Safety of German interim storage facilities for spent fuel elements in storage casks in the event of a deliberate crash of large airliners
2002-06-13 RECOMMENDATION (available in German only) Electromagnetic compatibility - Demonstrating the electromagnetic compatibility of I&C systems in nuclear facilities, 13.06.2002
2002-06-13 STATEMENT (available in German only) RSK memorandum on the assurance of an appropriate safety culture
2002-05-16 STATEMENT (available in German only) Conclusions drawn from a plant-specific probabilistic safety analysis of low-power and shutdown operation for light water reactors
2002-04-11 STATEMENT Adaptation and Optimisation of Non-destructive Testing Methods on Safety Relevant Systems and Components
2002-03-07 STATEMENT (available in German only) Statement on current issues of final storage in salt rock formations
2002-03-07 STATEMENT by the working group SEISMOLOGY of the RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST) (available in German only) Design earthquake for the Biblis site
2002-01-10 THESIS PAPER by the RSK Committee on FUEL SUPPLY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT (VE) (available in German only) Safety-related requirements for the longer-term interim storage of low- and medium-active waste
2001-12-13 STATEMENT (available in German only) Failure-induced secondary-side load reduction and failed rod injection in the shared-ownership nuclear power plant Neckar, unit 1 (GKN-1) on 10-05-2000
2001-10-11 STATEMENT (available in German only) KTA 1404, draft rule (revision) "Documentation during the construction and operation of nuclear power plants"
2001-10-11 STATEMENT (available in German only) Safety of German nuclear power plants to withstand the deliberate crash of a large, fully fuelled aircraft
2001-09-13 STATEMENT (available in German only) New München II (FRM II) research reactor - 3rd partial licence, 13.09.2001
2001-09-13 STATEMENT (available in German only) Major topics of future R&D concerning the final storage of radioactive waste
2001-06-07 STATEMENT (available in German only) ATWS events

Note: See also continuative Statement of 07.07.2005.