Summary Report of the 368th RSK Meeting


DThe RSK discussed and assessed the improper handling during the transport of a fuel element at the Neckarwestheim I nuclear power plant (GKN-I) and a primary neutron source at GKN II (in German). The events occurred in June 2002. The RSK based its discussion on the examination of its Committee on REACTOR OPERATION (RB) which started to discuss the causes of the events in January 2003 and assessed the corrective measures of the plant operator. The RSK is of the opinion that the technical and organisational measures of the plant operator initiated in this connection are target-oriented, systematic and well structured. It still sees possibilities to improve the experience feedback system, training measures and ergonomics.

Against the background of the revision of the nuclear rules and regulations within the framework of a project of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the RSK continued its discussions on the update of the RSK guidelines for pressurised water reactors of 1996 (summary report of the 366th RSK meeting). The update shall include the boiling water reactors and - more detailed than before - requirements on man- technology-organisation and present the requirements on the verification methods. A first structuring of the new guidelines has been established, the committees of the RSK are now dealing with the further specification.