Summary Report of the 371st RSK Meeting


At this meeting, the RSK dealt with the need for revision of KTA 2201.1 "Design of Nuclear. Power Plants against Seismic Events; Part 1: Principles". In the view of the RSK, not all parts of this standard comply with the state of the art in science and technology. It therefore regards it as necessary to perform a revision of the standard dating back to the year 1990. One and half year ago, the RSK established the working group seismology of the RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST) which investigated the need for revision as preparatory work for the RSK. On the basis of the results now submitted by the working group, the RSK started the discussion of a statement in which the need for revision of KTA 2201.1 will be presented in detail.

Further, the RSK continued its discussions on the preparation of a recommendation on ageing management. In another part of the meeting, the BMU project on the revision of the nuclear rules and regulations was discussed.