Summary Report of the 374th RSK Meeting


At this meeting, the RSK concluded its discussions on its recommendation on the "Management of ageing processes at nuclear power plants". The RSK statement of 10.01.2002, which generally deals with this topic, was revised and included in this recommendation (Chapter 1 of the recommendation) specified by technical requirements for the areas of mechanical components, electrical components, I&C components, structural components, operating supplies, integrated operation management systems, documentation, maintenance of personnel competence, state of the art with regard to the ageing of concepts and technology (Chapter 2 of the recommendation). The new recommendations resolved replace the former statement.

Regarding the "Requirements for the demonstration of the effective emergency core cooling during loss-of-coolant accidents involving the release of insulation material and other substances", the RSK adopted a statement prepared by the Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST) which represents the state of the art in science and technology under consideration of recent studies. This statement is an update of the RSK statement "Effectiveness of the emergency core cooling systems during loss-of-coolant accidents involving the release of insulation material" of the 320th meeting of the RSK on 16.09.1998.