Summary Report of the 382nd RSK Meeting


This meeting concentrated on the formation of opinion of the RSK on the topics/modules of the revision of the nuclear rules and regulations performed on behalf of the BMU (

At the meeting, the RSK concluded its comments on Module 1. It discussed the interim results of a working group regarding requirements on the in-depth safety concept. The requirements on precautionary measures such that further event analyses will no longer be necessary were compiled. With regard to digital I&C, postulated breaks, man-technology-organisation and radiation protection, the RSK discussed the respective assessment criteria on which the modules are to be bases.

The draft of the statement of the Committee on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS (DKW) - "'Use of thermoelements for measuring the temperature of pipe walls in nuclear power plants within the framework of the fatigue analysis' and consideration of the medium influence in fatigue analyses according to the KTA safety standards" (in German) - was adopted.