Summary Report of the 386th RSK Meeting


Regarding the defence-in-depth concept, the RSK concluded its discussions with a recommendation which determines the requirements in terms of multiple safety levels. The requirements result from a combination of various technical systems and administrative measures for the prevention and management of abnormal occurrences and design-basis accidents (Safety Levels 1, 2 und 3), the mitigation of consequences of accidents (Safety Level 4), as well as measures to support disaster response of the responsible authorities (Level 5). With this recommendation, the RSK intends to promote the discussion and practical implementation of the safety concept, especially within the frame of the update of the nuclear rules and regulations which is undertaken on behalf of the BMU. (

In connection with this update of rules and regulations, the RSK also passed a statement on the definition of component failure postulates. This statement confirms the definitions in Chapters 21.1 (1) and (2) of the RSK guidelines of 1996 as well as on leak postulates for the release of insulation material at the 320th meeting of the RSK (16.09.1998), but updates, in both cases, the application prerequisites.

At its 383rd meeting on 02.06.2005, the RSK discussed safety-related questions in connection with the decommissioning and dismantling of the Stade nuclear power plant and passed a corresponding statement prepared by its Committees on SUPPLY AND WASTE HANDLING (VE) and REACTOR OPERATION (RB).

Another focal point of the meeting was the continuation of the RSK discussions on the topics/modules of the nuclear rules and regulations to be updated on behalf of the BMU.