Summary Report of the 393rd RSK Meeting


In addition to a series of internal topics, such as the preparation of the Quadripartite Meeting in October 2006 in Washington (“International Cooperation”), the RSK dealt with the course of discussions for two orders of the BMU.

One of the orders covered the application of stability hypotheses for the calculation of cylindrical pipes under internal pressure at nuclear power plants. It was to be clarified under which boundary conditions the equivalent stress and shear stress hypothesis are to be applied. The RSK Committee on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS will start the consultations.

The other order covers the Synthesis Report issued by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) “Conceptual and safety-related issues regarding the disposal of radioactive wastes – A comparison of different host rocks” (in German). It is to be assessed, in particular, whether the questions and circumstances relevant according to the state of the art have been taken into account when dealing with the issues raised in the BfS synthesis report adequately. The RSK Committee on FUEL SUPPLY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT will start the consultations.