Summary Report of the 394th RSK Meeting


In light of recent events at the Swedish plant Forsmark 1, RSK had a first discussion. RSK prepared issues on the basis of a GRS report and data and information provided by the BMU which were to be dealt with by the RSK Committee on ELECTRIC INSTALLATIONS with the aim to analyse all disturbing factors and their impacts on the auxiliary or emergency power systems that go beyond issues related to the circuit design.

The RSK discussed and approved the statement “Description of the state of knowledge about the influence of gamma radiation on toughness reduction of ferritic materials of reactor pressure vessels during operation” (in German) prepared by the RSK Committee on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS and the recommendation “Impact of advanced core loading on the reactivity behaviour of the reactor core and its reactivity control elements” (in German) prepared by a working group of the RSK Committee on REACTOR OPERATION.