Summary Report of the 410th RSK Meeting


The RSK adopted the statement (in German) on the strength theories within the scope of application of the KTA safety standards in connection with the re-evaluation of components and systems; here: on the issue of the optional applicability of the strength theories according to von Mises (maximum distortion energy theory (Gestaltänderungsenergiehypothese - GEH) and Tresca (maximum shear stress theory -  Schubspannungshypothese, SH) in the KTA standards for pipes prepared by the RSK Committee on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS (DKW).

The RSK Committee on FUEL SUPPLY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT (VE) was dissolved since with the foundation of the NUCLEAR WASTE MANAGEMENT COMMISSION (ESK) ( and its committees topics of consultations of the RSK Committee on FUEL SUPPLY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT (VE) regarding radioactive waste management are now dealt with by the ESK. Topics related to nuclear fuel supply are still dealt with by the RSK.

The draft version of a joint RSK and SSK statement on the GRS report “Safety requirements on the disposal of high-level radioactive waste in deep geological formations” (408th RSK on 09.05.2008), submitted to the Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK) by the RSK, was approved on 05.08.2008.