Summary Report of the 445th RSK Meeting

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The RSK was informed about the progress of work within the ad hoc working groups:

  • grid stability,
  • long-term operation and post-operational phase of the fuel pools,
  • station blackout and long-lasting loss of offsite power,
  • loss of service water supply (loss of primary ultimate heat sink),
  • load crash,
  • flooding of the annulus,
  • flood,
  • earthquake: consideration of all of all conditions of low-power and shutdown operation,
  • aircraft crash with fuel fire, and
  • accident management measures.

The statement on the nuclear non-mandatory guidance instruments “Revision E” (in German) was adopted.

The consultations on the statements "Plant-specific safety review (RSK/ SU) of German research reactors in the light of the events in Fukushima-1 (Japan)" and “Loss of the primary ultimate heat sink” are close to being concluded and are scheduled for adoption at the next meeting.