Summary Report of the 440th RSK Meeting

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The 440th meeting was held on 15.09. as a closed meeting and on 16.09 as a regular meeting. At the closed meeting, the RSK adopted a representation of its understanding of its tasks and its way of working. The consultations on a "memorandum of the RSK to ensure the best possible safety of nuclear installations" have begun.

At the meeting on 16.09., the RSK structured the work on the final assessment of the “Plant-specific safety review (RSK-SÜ) of German nuclear power plants in the light of the events in Fukushima-1 (Japan)” and established several ad hoc working groups for it. The RSK has been informed about the report "Computer-based safety I&C for use in the highest safety category in German nuclear power plants - presentation of the consultation results of the RSK working group USE OF COMPUTER-BASED I&C (ERL)" (in German).

At the meeting, GRS reported on the evaluation of periodic safety reviews of German nuclear power plants. The RSK intends to request reports on the implementation of measures resulting from the reviews.