Summary Report of the 414th RSK Meeting


At the end of January 2009, the BMU announced some reappointments to the RSK and Dr.-Ing. E. Fischer (E.ON), Dr.-Ing. E. Grauf (SE-Grauf) and Dipl.-Ing. T.-O. Solisch (ESN) have been appointed as new members to the RSK.

The RSK discussed the status of consultations on leak postulates for the demonstration of core cooling in the RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING. It agreed to continue the consultations within the RSK under consideration of a committee paper.

The RSK started consultations on the draft of a statement prepared by the RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING on the issue of increased risk of containment failure due to hydrogen reactions caused by the ignition effect of passive autocatalytic recombiners.