Summary Report of the 413th RSK Meeting


Based on a request for advice of the BMU on power increase of the Gundremmingen II nuclear power plant, the topics prepared for discussion by the RSK Committees on PLANT- AND SYSTEMS-ENGINEERING, PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS and REACTOR OPERATION were presented. Due to a clarification of regulatory matters announced by the BMU in connection with federal supervision, the RSK agreed to postpone its consultations.

Following the discussion at the previous RSK meeting on computer-based safety instrumentation and control for the use in the highest safety category, the RSK confirmed to continue its consultations particularly with regard to the generic requirements related to a computer-based safety instrumentation and control of Category 1 and to the development of a concept for technical implementation.

Regarding the implementation of the RSK statement on switch-off of the main coolant pumps during ATWS events at nuclear power plants with pressurised water reactor (384th meeting on 07.07.2005), the RSK discussed this topic in the RSK Committee on PLANT- AND SYSTEMS-ENGINEERING. It intends to continue the consultations on it at the next RSK meeting.