Summary Report of the 395th RSK Meeting


The RSK discussed and approved the statement on the "Synthesis Report issued by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) ‘Conceptual and safety-related issues regarding the disposal of radioactive wastes – A comparison of different host rocks" (in German) prepared by the RSK Committee on FUEL SUPPLY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT.

The RSK continued the discussions on the event at Forsmark 1. In the total course of events, different aspects were identified for which it was necessary to perform an in-depth analysis with regard to the applicability to German plants. In particular, questions concerning the generic applicability from the event sequences and, if appropriate, on the derivation of potential improvements were to be dealt with and an analysis of transient processes was to be performed in order to identify potentially existing deficiencies. The RSK recommends to also consider past experiences with events due to voltage transients and potentially modification measures in the studies at the German nuclear power plants performed on behalf of the BMU. The RSK Committee on ELECTRIC INSTALLATIONS continues the consultations.