Summary Report of the 380th RSK Meeting


The RSK discussed and adopted a statement on safety-related aspects of conceptual questions on the final disposal of irradiated fuel elements using canisters emplaced in bore holes by means of a comparison with the concept of drift emplacement of thick-walled containers (in German). The RSK is of the opinion that the further development of repository concepts such that the waste characteristics, the host rock conditions and the requirements regarding the safety during handling, operation and the post-operational phase is taken into consideration is an essential contribution to the realisation of safe final disposal. In the judgement of the RSK, not enough attention has been paid to this work in the past years and considers it to be required to resume the discussion on the further development of repository concept under consideration of different host rock formations. For this purpose, its statement compiles the safety-related boundary conditions for concepts for the final disposal of canisters in bore holes in different host rocks and points out differences compared to final disposal in massive metallic containers in drifts.

In the course of the meeting, the RSK prepared its comments regarding Module 1 of the revision of the nuclear rules and regulations performed on behalf of the BMU (