Summary Report of the 378th RSK Meeting


The RSK discussed the nuclear-specific safety-related questions of a capacity increase of the uranium enrichment facility in Gronau applied for especially regarding the question to which extent the technical and organisational measures provided are in compliance with the state of the art in science and technology. On this issue, a draft of a statement was available which included the review results of the Committee on SUPPLY AND WASTE HANDLING (VE) and gave answers to the questions posed by the BMU. In its discussion, the RSK arrived at the result that with the capacity increase the requirements on the safety-related design and safe operation to be applied in accordance with the state of the art in science and technology are fulfilled; this conclusion of the der RSK provided that the recommendations made by the RSK in the statement (in German) will be implemented.

The RSK adopted another statement (in German) in which the RSK Committees on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS (DKW) and REACTOR OPERATION (RB) analysed the causes for a fuel assembly drop at the Biblis Nuclear Power Plant, Unit B and checked the applicability to other nuclear power plants.