Summary Report of the 377th RSK Meeting


The RSK discussed the draft of the guideline on the probabilistic safety analysis submitted by the m BMU, including the appendant method volumes and the data volume. In future, these regulations shall be the basis for the safety reviews of the nuclear power plants in accordance with Section 19 a of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG). The discussion of the RSK did not lead to any general safety concerns regarding the drafts submitted. The BMU received particular information with regard to amendments, supplements and reviews for its further proceeding.

Further, the RSK dealt with two other topics within the framework of the revision of the nuclear rules and regulations (summary report of the 368th RSK Meeting on 11.12.2003). It discussed the classification of the existing safety requirements of the nuclear rules and regulations according to the different safety levels and the further development of the requirements on accident management. The results on the two topics will be considered in the revision of the RSK guidelines.