Summary Report of the 489th RSK Meeting


The RSK discussed the draft recommendation on the triggering of the reactor protection signal DAF 1 during a secondary-side pressure test of a steam generator (Anregung des Reaktorschutzsignals DAF 1 bei einer Sekundärseitigen Druckprüfung eines Dampferzeugers) of the RSK Committee on REACTOR OPERATION (RB). The Committee RB noted that no further generic recommendations could be derived from this event and, thus, preparation of a statement is not necessary. The consultations on the boundary conditions for design basis accident analyses (Randbedingungen der Nachweisführung zur Störfallbeherrschung) were started. They will be continued at a forthcoming meeting. The RSK was informed about the consultations of the Committee on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS (DKW) on the flaws in the reactor pressure vessels of the Belgian nuclear power plants Doel-3 and Tihange-2 detected during ultrasonic inspections; the next steps to be taken will be defined at the forthcoming meetings.