Summary Report of the 490th RSK Meeting


The Parliamentary State Secretary, Ms. Schwarzelühr-Sutter, was informed about the ideas of the RSK about its possible structure and tasks from 2022 onwards. The consultations on the boundary conditions for design basis accident analyses (Randbedingungen der Nachweisführung zur Störfallbeherrschung) were continued. Supplementary considerations on the flaws in the reactor pressure vessels of the Belgian nuclear power plants Doel-3 and Tihange-2 detected during ultrasonic inspections were presented, which will be discussed on the basis of a text draft at a forthcoming meeting. The RSK was informed about the event concerning damaged connecting bolts at ventilation duct supports in the emergency feedwater building (Beschädigte Verbindungsbolzen an Halterungen von Lüftungskanälen im Notspeisegebäude) in the Philippsburg-2 nuclear power plant of 20.12.2016. The RSK committees PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST) and REACTOR OPERATION (RB) are to discuss aspects of this event and report the results to the RSK.