Summary Report of the 494th RSK Meeting


The BMUB informed the RSK that the first meeting of the German-Belgian Nuclear Commission will be held on 7/8 June to present, among other things, results of RSK discussions on the topic of flaws in the reactor pressure vessels of the Belgian nuclear power plants Doel-3 and Tihange-2 detected during ultrasonic inspections (Ultraschallanzeigen in den Reaktordruckbehältern (RDB) der belgischen Kernkraftwerke Doel-3 und Tihange-2). The RSK was informed about the extent of the components affected by elevated carbon contents (in particular steam generators) in French plants; in addition, documents had been falsified at the manufacturer’s. The RSK began the consultation on the statement on component cooling water and service water systems (Zwischen- und Nebenkühlwassersysteme).