Summary Report of the 496th RSK Meeting


The BMUB presented advisory requests to the RSK on ageing management in the field of electrical and instrumentation and control (I&C) systems (Alterungsmanagement im Bereich der Elektro- und Leittechnik) as well as on factors contributing to the formation of oxide layers on fuel rod cladding of fuel assemblies in German pressurised water reactors (Beitragenden Faktoren zur Bildung von Oxidschichten an Brennstabhüllrohren von Brennelementen in deutschen Druckwasserreaktoren). The RSK commissioned the committees concerned to deal with these issues. The RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST) presented its consultations on the topic of competing protection goals (Konkurrierende Schutzziele). The RSK adopted the statement on the evaluation of the implementation of RSK recommendations in response to Fukushima (Bewertung der Umsetzung von RSK-Empfehlungen im Nachgang zu Fukushima).