Summary Report of the 486th RSK Meeting

At the meeting, the RSK was informed about the consultations of the Committee on ELECTRIC INSTALLATIONS (EE) on the implementation of the recommendations on faults in one or two phases of the main, standby or emergency grid connection (Ein- oder zweiphasiger Ausfall des Haupt-, Reserve- oder Notstromnetzanschlusses) as well as on new findings on the grid instabilities (Netzinstabilitäten) and their impact on the German nuclear power plants. The discussion of the statements on monitoring of know-how and motivation loss and appropriate measures for strengthening motivation and maintaining know-how in the nuclear energy sector (Monitoring von Know-How- und Motivationsverlust und geeignete Maßnahmen zur Stärkung von Motivation und Know-How-Erhalt im Kernenergiesektor) and lightning with parameters exceeding the standardised lightning current parameters (Blitze mit Parametern oberhalb der genormten Blitzstromparameter) was started.