Summary Report of the 467th RSK Meeting

The RSK Committee on REACTOR OPERATION (RB) informed the RSK about its proposals for the revision of the AtSMV (Atomrechtliche Sicherheitsbeauftragten- und Meldeverordnung – Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance) and the explanatory notes on the AtSMV.

The RSK discussed and adopted the recommendation “Faults in one or two phases of the main, standby or emergency grid connection”. The consultations on the statement on section-wide unavailabilities due to electrical coupling between redundant sections of the emergency power system of German nuclear power plants started with information presented to the RSK by the Committee on ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS (EE).

VGB PowerTech gave report to the RSK on the potential impairment of core cooling by deposition of zinc borates in the core during a loss of coolant accident.