Summary Report of the 468th RSK Meeting

The RSK agreed on a request for advice on seismic margin assessment (SMA) to be dealt with by the the RSK Committee on PLANT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (AST).

The Commission on Radiological Protection (Strahlenschutzkommission – SSK) presented the need for revision identified by it regarding the joint SSK and RSK “Basic recommendations for the planning of emergency control measures by the licensees of nuclear power plants” (in German) of 03.11.2010 resulting from the investigations into the events in Fukushima. The RSK agreed to the amendments, the revised basic recommendations will be published after adoption by the SSK.

The RSK was informed about the contents and and the basic structure of the statement on neutron flux oscillations, deformations of fuel assemblies, damage to cladding tubes, spacers, hold-down springs and alignment pins by the ad hoc working group on fuel assemblies (Ad-hoc AG BRENNELEMENTE (BE)). Having taken into account the comments received, the statement will be discussed within the RSK.