Summary Report of the 470th RSK Meeting

The comments on the draft IAEA DS 460 “Communication and Consultation with Interested Parties by the Regulatory Body” were submitted to the BMUB and the voting on the resolution proposals of the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA) (preparation of the 69th KTA meeting on 11.11.2014) was determined. The consultations on the statement neutron flux oscillations, deformations of fuel assemblies, damage to cladding tubes, spacers, hold-down springs and alignment pins were continued.

The RSK was informed of the implementation of the statement "The RSK guideline for the implementation of integrated event analyses in comparison with the VGB guideline on the integrated event analysis" (in German) of 22.05.2014, which provides an update of the recommendation "Guideline for the implementation of integrated event analyses" (in German).