Summary Report of the 472nd RSK Meeting

The BMUB welcomed the new RSK members and received proposals of the RSK regarding the chairman and his deputy. A working group was set up to review the implementation of RSK recommendations in the German research reactors. The RSK statement on neutron flux oscillations, deformations of fuel assemblies, damage to cladding tubes, spacers, hold-down springs and alignment pins (Neutronenflussschwankungen, Verformungen von Brennelementen; Schäden an Hüllrohren, Abstandshaltern, Niederhaltefedern und Zentrierstiften) was delegated to the Committee on PRESSURE-RETAINING COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS (DKW) for review of particular chapters. The RSK discussed and adopted the statement on "Section-wide unavailabilities due to electrical coupling between redundant sections of the emergency power system of German nuclear power plants" (in German). The results of the consultations of the RSK ad hoc working group SAMG (Severe Accident Management Guidelines) were presented and discussed. The consultations on the statement on requirements for LOCA analyses in PWRs by statistical methods were started.