Results and Summary Reports

All results and consultations of RSK are listed here. Below you find short summaries of the RSK meetings.

Further information on the handling of the consultation results of the RSK by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) are given in Chapter I. Legal framework - 3. Nuclear rules and regulations - b) Recommendations and statements of the RSK, ESK, SSK (on page 8) of the Manual on cooperation between the Federation and the Länder in atomic law (in German).


22.02.2023 (available in German only) Assessment of the technical contribution of the possibly expanded THAI test facility with regard to the safety assessment of research and power reactors as well as competence building and development of future talent for nuclear safety
11.11.2022 (available in German only) Continued operation of German nuclear power plants until 15 April 2023
20.10.2021 (available in German only) Experience gained in dealing with the corona pandemic - methods of remote supervision/inspection
20.10.2021 Summary statement of the RSK on man-made hazards, aircraft crash
21.10.2020 Requirements for the cooling of the fuel assemblies in the spent fuel pool during residual operation
17.06.2020 Statement on pending safety issues with regard to fuel assembly deformation in German pressurised water reactors (PWRs) including an assessment of the statistical LOCA analysis
12.02.2020 Increased oxide layer thicknesses in the upper part of fuel assemblies with M5 cladding tubes
11.12.2019 Closed cooling water and service water systems
22.10.2019 Assessing the effectiveness of measures to prevent recurrence of events
22.10.2019 Results of the ENSREG Topical Peer Review on ageing management – Requirement of examining the RPV base material
22.10.2019 Ageing management - Status of implementation and common practice regarding the requirements for ageing management according to KTA 1403 for electrical and I&C components
22.10.2019 Damage on steam generator (SG) tubes caused by stress corrosion cracking – Measures to ensure the integrity of the tubes
04.09.2019 Topical Peer Review on ageing management for electrical cables
05.06.2019 Permissibility of inspection and maintenance activities and determinationof measures for event control in mid-loop operation
27.03.2019 Requirements in connection with passive spent fuel pool cooling
06.02.2019 Aspects of quality assurance with regard to surveillance testing and maintenance measures as well as the use of external personnel
23.05.2018 Assessment of the safety cases for the reactor pressure vessels of the Belgian nuclear power plants Doel-3/Tihange-2
06.12.2017 RSK summary statement on man-made hazards, aircraft crash - Reference report: definition of load assumptions and assessment of Konvoi plants
06.09.2017 (available in German only) Evaluation of the implementation of RSK recommendations in response to Fukushima
22.03.2017 (available in German only) Evaluation of the implementation of RSK recommendations of the safety review of German research reactors